Sunday, December 27, 2020

Ibn-e-Mariam hua kare koi (Ghalib, translated by Mustansir Dalvi)

Ghalib by Sadiqain, 1969

Ibn-e-Mariam hua kare koi


Mirza Ghalib

Ibn-e-Mariam hua kare koi

Mere dukh ki dawa kare koi

Shaaraa-o-a’in par madaar sahi

Aise qaatil ka kya kare koi

Chaal jaise kadi kamaan ka teer

Dil mein aise ke ja kare koi

Baat par vaan zubaan kat-ti hai

Woh kahe aur suna kare koi

Bak raha hoon junoon mein kya kya kuch

Kuch na samjhe Khuda kare koi

Na suno gar bura kahe koi

Na kaho gar bura kahe koi

Rok lo gar ghalat chale koi

Baksh do gar khata kare koi

Kaun hai jo nahin hai haajat-mand

Kiski haajat ka ravaa kare koi

Kya kiya Khizr ne Sikandar se

Ab kise rehnuma kare koi

Jab tavaqqo hi uth gai Ghalib

Kyon kisi ka gila kare koi

Here is Abida Parveen's rendition of Ghalib's Ghazal 'Ibn-e-Mariam hua kare koi'

Oh, for a son of Mary to be

translated by

Mustansir Dalvi

Oh, for a son of Mary to be

The one to redress my melancholy

The one who wields letter and word of law

How shall we deal with an assassin like this?

He struts like an arrow, in a bow pulled taut

Oh, for someone to pierce my heart like this!

The tongue is cut just as word takes wing

He speaks, but is there anyone to hear?

I rant incoherently in frenzied passion

I hope, dear Lord, no one hears me now

Do not listen to words spoken in malice

Do not respond to words spoken in spite

Show the wayward the correct path

Forgive those who transgress against you

Who amongst us is not in need?

Who amongst us can assuage them all?

Recall how Alexander was treated by Khizr

Who now can be truly considered a guide?

When there are no more expectations left

What is there to complain about, Ghalib?

Translation and Transliteration © Mustansir Dalvi, 2020, All rights reserved.