Sunday, June 17, 2012

Faiz Ahmed Faiz's 'Aaye kuch abr kuch sharaab aaye'

Mehdi Hasan recently passed on, leaving a vast oeuvre of ghazals in his wake. One of his most famous was 'Aaye kuch abr kuch sharaab aaye', a ghazal by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Here is Mehdi Hasan's exquisite rendition in Raag Alhaiya Bilawal.

Here, in homage to both Hasan and Faiz,  is my translation of the ghazal, done afresh, after the transliteration into Roman Urdu, also newly done.

Aaye kuch abr kuch sharaab aaye
Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Aaye kuch abr kuch sharaab aaye
Uske baad aaye jo azaab aaye

Baam-e-Minaa se maahtaab utare
Dast-e-saaqi mein aaftaab aaye

Har rag-e-khoon mein phir charaagaan ho
Saamne phir woh benaqaab aaye

Umr ke har waraq pe dil ko nazar
Teri mehr-o-wafaa ke baab aaye

Kar rahaa tha gham-e-jahaan ka hisaab
Aaj tum yaad behisaab aaye

Na gayee tere gham ki sardaari
Dil mein yunh roz inqalaab aaye

Jal uthe bazm-e-ghair ke dar-o-baam
Jab bhi hum khaanaman kharaab aaye

Is taraah apni khaamoshi goonjee
Goya har simt se jawaab aaye

Faiz thi raah sarbasar manzil
Hum jahaan pahunche kaamyaaab aaye    

In the cloudburst, and some wine
translated by 
Mustansir Dalvi
Should the heavens relent,
should some wine be on call.
I wouldn't care, if every calamity
rained down upon me!

Moonshine flows down
decanted from the firmament;
while from the saaqi’s hands
the sun rises.

Let every bloodshot vein
be reignited again.
She arrives before me,

On every page of life
this heart is witness
to your several kindnesses,
your fealty.

While counting the times
this world tormented me;
the thought of you today
was beyond all reckoning.

I cannot shake off this yoke,
my grief holds me in thrall.
O that my heart foment
new rebellions each day.

Assemblies of rivals, their doors,
their windows, are inflamed
each time I return home
wasted, inebriated.

My silences rang out
with such resonance,
as if seeking answers
from all directions.

Faiz, my path
was my very destination;
wherever I arrived,
I was home victorious.

Translation and Transliteration, copyright Mustansir Dalvi, 2012, All rights reserved.


hansadhwani saba prateeksha said...

Dear Friend

I accidentally chanced upon your blog from someone's posting of Iqbal on Fb...and here i see the common connection with Faiz too. I have just recorded my first Faiz Cd- titled Rooh-e-Faiz (kindly check my artist's page Saba Prateeksha) on fb.

The reason for this note is that i could do with some help with translating some of his poems- for you have done a great job too. Can you help me please? I hope to hear from you.

warm regards

Anonymous said...

Perfect! Thanks for this translation!